Induction Cap Sealing Machine

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■ Semi-auto Induction Cap Sealing Machine

Cap Foil Sealer (Induciton Coil)


The lightweight design saves more space. Simple and convenient operating system. Suitable for single working and small production capacity.

■ Automatic Induction Cap Sealing Machine

Auto Cap Foil Sealer (Induciton Coil)


Lightweight design makes moving easily. Easy operation system is suitable for single working or a production line.

Principle of Aluminum Foil Sealing

Induction cap sealing machine uses a non-contact heating process by the electromagnetic induction. The aluminum foil will be sealed on the opening of the container. This unique sealing method is used for various containers to preserve the contents. 


After sealing with aluminum foil, the product preservation time can be extended by leak-proof, damp-proof and oxidation-resistance performance. Also, the product value is improved by burglar-resistant and anti-counterfeit function.

Scope of Application

Suitable for the products which need to avoid pollution, such as medication, foods, drinks, chemical material. 

Products will be protected efficiently by preventing accidental spilling or leakage due to squeeze. Also protect the products from deliberate damage by adding unknown substance.




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