Automatic Aluminum Foil Cap Sealing Machine (Induction Coil Type)


This cap sealing machine is suitable for common flat screw caps with aluminum foil inside. User-friendly control panel for operating machine easily. Safety protection is the built-in function to prevent dangerous situations. Induction sealing makes aluminum foil being sealed quickly and exactly.

Field of Application

  • Suitable for common plastic flat screw caps with aluminum foil inside.

  • Suitable for sealing all kinds of plastic bottles and containers within allowed diameter range of different bottle mouth.

  • Applicable for larger production of connecting a production line or separate usage.


  • Sealing system: Induction coil offers excellent sealing quality.

  • Control panel is simple and clear for convenient operation and changeover of different products.

  • Quick-connect design of power and control cables offers convenient machine installation and dismantling.

  • Cooling system of induction coil is driven by German-made motor and including a big water tank of 20 liters.

  • Induction coil height position can be adjusted easily by a hand-wheel without using tools.

  • “No-foil detection device” provides automatic alarm sound from a buzzer while no aluminum foil inside bottles after sealing action. (optional item)

  • Many safety protection device: Light signal, the siren for over-current, over-voltage, overload or breakdowns. 

  • Lightweight design is suitable for moving the machine easily at any time or connecting the existing production line.


Recommended Models


Automatic Aluminum Foil Cap Sealing Machine (Induction Coil Type) CS-3000

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