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About T&G​ +

T&G was founded by a diligent and professional team which has been in packaging industry for years. T&G is a Taiwanese packaging machinery brand, whose goal is to provide better solutions for customers.

T&G always tries to simplify operation and keep improvement, we have a series of high-quality products. Our mission is to design innovational packing machines with user-friendly interface.

As holding “elaborate, concentrated, careful, sincere, conscientious” business philosophy, we have earned lots of satisfaction and recognition from loyal customers.

Why T&G ​+

T&G is using Taiwan-made and international famous brands for spare parts in order to make durable products with stable performance and high production efficiency. Furthermore, we offer brilliant service to satisfy every customer.

Based on a great deal of experience in packaging machinery, we're glad to provide professional advice for turnkey solutions and packing equipment integration. Customized machines are also available for various requirements. The clients often provided positive feedback: “T&G packing machines are very user-friendly and easy for operation, well worth it! ”

Processing Facilities ​+

All production procedures are proceeded in Taiwan, including R&D. Most important components are made by our own CNC lathe and milling machines. T&G combines spare parts processing and machine producing to be a vertical integration.  Besides, the processing skill and equipment are kept up to date. One-stop service assures product quality and less production time, so orders can be fulfilled in shorter time.

Product Patent ​+

T&G have applied patent for many products. According to previous experience of practical machine operation from clients, we found lots of weaknesses and inconvenience of competitors’ products on the market. For this reason, T&G put much effort to improve their poor design and quality in the process of R&D or custom-designed.

As the result, solving the problems becomes our motivation for innovation. It’s a win-win situation that customers are more competitive when T&G is developing more patent products.

T&G, your best choice of packing machines!


Our Products ​+

  • Automatic/semi-automatic/desktop liquid filling machine (volumetric filling or fixed liquid level filling for various containers)

  • Automatic/semi-automatic/desktop round bottle labeling machine (for wine bottle/soy milk bottle/soy sauce bottle/lotion bottle/detergent bottle…)

  • Automatic/semi-automatic/desktop twin-side labeling machine (for square bottle/oval bottle/ Hexagonal bottle…)

  • Automatic/semi-automatic/desktop Top labeling machine (box/bag/brochure/CD box/facial mask bag/zipper bag)

  • Automatic/semi-automatic/desktop capping machine/capper/cap sealer (for plastic cap/trigger cap/cosmetic cap/pharmaceutical cap/press cap/tamperproof cap…)

  • Patented automatic high-speed sheet dispenser/distributor/feeder/divider (for paper/box/bag/card/facial mask…)

  • Automatic bottle water rinsing/air rinsing machine/rinser (pure water cleaning or air cleaning for plastic bottle/glass bottle/beverage bottle/lotion bottle/food container/pharmaceutical bottle…)

  • Automatic bottle leak testing machine (for checking plastic bottle/plastic container leak)

  • Facial Mask Planishing Machine (for checking facial mask bag sealing properly/for printing time, date, batch number…)

  • Patented interlocking conveyor guide rail (for quick changeover of conveyor in production line)

  • Automatic/semi-automatic induction cap sealing machine / aluminum foil cap sealing machine (for plastic bottle/glass bottle/lubricant oil bottle/pharmaceutical bottle/biscuit container/tea container/food container…)

  • Thermal transfer printer/printing machine (for printing dates, nutritional content, pattern or logo onto zipper bag/solid bag/aluminum bag/PE bag)

  • Turnkey solution (professional advice for integration of various packing machines or equipment)

  • Saving-cost solution (saving money project and advice for budget packaging machinery)

  • Customized packing machine/equipment (for special requirements of packaging machinery)




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