Semi-automatic Bottle Rinsing Machine (Water-rinsing Type)



This water rinsing machine has 10 rinsing nozzles. Many water rising modes: straight spout / screw spout / spray, etc. Applying the pressure pump complements rinsing quality perfectly. Washing time and water pressure can be adjusted conveniently. Bottle moulds are customized by the diameters of bottle mouth and shape. The moulds can be replaced easily according to different bottles, also shared to different bottles with similar sizes for saving cost and changeover time.

Field of Application

  • Suitable for plastic/glass bottles and containers.

  • Suitable for flat / square / oval bottles and other special shape of bottles.

  • Most suitable for many kinds of products but small production.

  • Washing nozzle quantities can be increased or decreased based on different production capacity.


  • Main machine construction is made of SUS304 stainless steel, aluminum alloy and engineering plastic for meeting regulations of food, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industries.

  • Rinsing procedures are started up with a foot switch. Operation interface is very simple.

  • Many water rising modes: straight spout / screw spout / spray, etc. You can choose a suitable washing mode based on bottle volume or shape. 

  • Washing time and water pressure can be adjusted conveniently via inverter control system.

  • Machine cover prevents water spraying out of machine while washing bottles.

  • One set of rinsing moulds can be shared with various bottles with similar diameters of bottle mouth and shape.

  • Rinsing moulds are completely customized according to your bottles for the best washing performance.

  • Most changeover or adjustments are fast and simple without using any tools.

  • Compatible with additional pure water or ozone (O3) water equipment. (The water equipment is prepared by buyer)

  • Less maintenance, longer life, lower cost and higher efficiency. The best choice of Bottle Water Rinsing Machine.


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