Patent Automatic High-speed Round Bottle Labeling Machine
(Optical inspection system / Pre-rejection of defective label)


Suitable for full, partial wrap-around labeling. Applied with famous Japanese brand of optical inspection system. Patented ”Pre-rejection of defective label” design is for detecting and collecting defective labels automatically before labeling onto bottles to save the time of tearing defective labels off the bottles manually. Unique “Interlocking Rollers”hold bottles seamlessly that ensures 2 ends of label are aligned perfectly with great labeling accuracy ±1mm under high labeling speed. Excellent labeling precision and high labeling speed can be both reached at the same time.

Field of Application

  • Suitable for various bottle materials: Plastic / Glass / Metal round bottles. 

  • Compatible with rolled adhesive label. Normal or transparent label are both applicable.

  • Suitable for larger production demands for a packaging production line.

  • Most suitable for pharmaceutical and medical industries that each label needs to be controlled strictly.



  • Control system: MITSUBISHI (Japanese brand) PLC and 10.4” color touch screen (HMI) for convenient operation.

  • Optical inspection control system: Check label images, barcodes. Settings can be entered easily from 15” color touch screen (Japanese brand).

  • Unique “Indexing Bottle Separation” and “Interlocking Rollers” devices make each bottle with equal gap distance to reach higher labeling and optical inspection precision.

  • Stable labeling quality without stuck, wrinkles or bubbles.

  • Intelligent “Pre-rejection” function: Defective labels are removed onto a special roller by servo-sliding device in advance to avoid defective labels being labeled onto bottles. Manual label tearing off time is saved a lot!

  • Optical inspection system and software are from famous Japanese brand which has nearly 80% market share in the Japanese pharmaceutical industry for providing excellent recognition accuracy.

  • Continuous high speed labeling improves production capacity significantly, especially for automatic production lines.

  • Labeling system: Stepper motor and SICK (German brand) sensor for high labeling precision and easy adjustments.

  • Memory storage: 50 sets. Perfect for various products without entering settings every time.

  • Adjusting system: SIKO (German brand) position indicator with hand-wheel: Easy for position adjustment and record labeling position conveniently.

  • User-friendly design: Most changeover or adjustments are fast and simple without using any tools. 

  • Automatic Feeding / Collection Turntable can improve production efficiency. (optional item)

  • Less maintenance with durable life, the best choice of labeling machine.


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