Semi-automatic Tamp Labeling Machine


Semi-automatic Tamp Labeling Machine LA-701

Suitable for labeling on flat surface of various products , paper boxes, plastic boxes, flat bottles, etc. High labeling accuracy ±0.5mm is the main feature of a tamp labeling machine, so it’s really suitable for products which require high labeling precision. User-friendly design and color LCD touch screen (HMI) provide simple operation interface. We solve weaknesses of other labeling machines in the market without stuck or wrinkles while labeling.

Field of Application

  • Labeling on flat surface of products, such as boxes, cube-shaped bottles, etc. 

  • Tamp labeling offers excellent labeling performance for products which need high labeling precision.

  • Compatible with rolled adhesive label. Normal or transparent label are both applicable.

  • Suitable for small-volume large-variety production demands.


  • Control system: MITSUBISHI (Japanese brand) PLC and 7” color touch screen (HMI) for convenient operation.

  • Labeling system: Stepper motor provides high labeling precision and easy adjustments.

  • Tamp labeling: High-quality label vacuum & tamp device provide excellent labeling position accuracy ±0.5mm .

  • Object and label sensor: SICK (German brand) sensors provide high sensitivity without wasting many labels due to detecting failure.

  • Adjusting system: SIKO (German brand) position indicator with hand-wheel: Easy for position adjustment and record labeling position conveniently.

  • Memory storage: 50 sets. Perfect for repeated products without entering settings every time.

  • Quick changeover for different products: Only need to replace the mold.

  • User-friendly design: Most changeover or adjustments are fast and simple without using any tools.

  • Compatible with various printing equipment: Hot stamping printer / Inkjet printer / Thermal (Heat) transfer printer / Color label printer. Labeling and printing dates and batch no. are completed at the same time.

  • Main construction is made of SUS#304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy which meet production regulations of food, cosmetics, biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

  • 4 castors on machine cabinet: Easy to move labeling machine anywhere for more flexible space application.

  • Less maintenance with durable life, the best choice of labeling machine.

Semi-automatic Tamp Labeling Machine LA-701



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