Automatic Top & Bottom Labeling Machine


This top & bottom labeling machine is suitable for various paper boxes, paper bags/pouches, unfolded boxes, plastic bags/pouches, aluminum bags/pouches, zipper bags, facial mask packages, plastic cards, paper cards, catalogues, manual, CD, etc. User-friendly design and color LCD touch screen (HMI) provide simple operation interface. We T&G labeling machines ensure the best labeling quality without stuck or wrinkle condition.

Field of Application

  • Only compatible with adhesive label in a roll. Normal or transparent label are both applicable.

  • Wide range of label size for labeling on top & bottom side of thin products. 

  • Most suitable for larger production demands for a packaging production line or separate operation. 


  • Control system: Japan Mitsubishi PLC and 7” color touch screen (HMI). Most data & functions can be set from the screen conveniently.

  • Labeling system: Stepper motor and SICK (German brand) sensor for high labeling precision and easy adjustments.

  • 50 sets of memory storage are perfect for various products without entering settings repeatedly.

  • Most changeover or adjustments are fast and simple without using any tools.

  • SIKO (German brand) indicator with hand-wheel can change or record labeling position easily. 

  • Stable labeling quality without stuck, wrinkle or bubble condition. 

  • Optional item: Automatic Friction Feeder (model: AI-450) can be combined with labeling machine to improve production efficiency significantly. (Product thickness should be under 2mm).

  • Less maintenance with durable life, the best choice of labeling machine.


Recommended Models


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