Automatic 4-nozzle Volumetric Filling Machine (Piston type) + Automatic Side-wrapping Capping Machine + Collection table Production Line



This liquid filling machine uses volumetric electronic filling cylinder which is more precise than traditional pneumatic cylinder, filling precision is very high. Sanitary design in filling assembly is for cleaning and dismantling easily. Color touch screen is convenient to set up filling volume directly.

Field of Application

  • Suitable for many kinds of flowable liquids, non-corrosive liquids, and hot fill.

  • Suitable for Food, Cosmetic, Bio-tech, Pharmaceutical, Chemical…industries.

  • Applicable to switch to Continuous Filling Mode for larger volume demands.

  • Suitable for larger production demands with high filling accuracy demands.


  • Electrical cylinder controls volumetric piston and also replaces traditional air cylinder, so accurate filling speed can be set directly from touch screen. No more wasted time on adjusting air cylinder manually.

  • Servomotor and piston type of filling system offer excellent filling precision. Filling nozzles enter into bottles with 3 stages of filling speed to prevent spraying out of bottle while filling and reduce foaming degree.

  • Sanitary design: Liquid contact parts are made of 316L stainless steel, food grade silicone tube / wire hose, Teflon and filling nozzles can be dismantled and cleaned easily.

  • Control system: MITSUBISHI (Japanese brand) PLC. Filling volume and speed can be set up directly from 7” color touch screen (HMI).

  • Object sensor: SICK (German brand) sensors provide high sensitivity precision with stable quality.

  • Adjusting system: SIKO (German brand) position indicator with hand-wheel: Easy for position adjustment and record filling height conveniently.

  • Memory storage: 50 sets. Perfect for repeated products without entering settings every time.

  • User-friendly design: Most changeover or adjustments are fast and simple without using any tools. 

  • Less maintenance with durable life, the best choice of filling machine. (If production volume is smaller, less filling nozzles can be customized.)

Automatic 4-nozzle Volumetric Filling Machine (Piston type) + Automatic Side-wrapping Capping Machine + Collection table Production Line


Automatic Four Nozzles Volumetric Filling Machine (Piston type) FL-041P

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