Automatic Filling Machine (Four Nozzles)



This filling machine uses multistep filling method to reduce bubbles and prevent liquid spraying. Many feeding pump options can be provided based on different liquid attributes. Sanitary design in filling assembly is for cleaning and dismantling easily. 7” color touch screen is convenient to enter filling volume directly. ​

Field of Application

  • Suitable for many kinds of flowing and non-corrosive liquids.

  • Wide filling range is suitable for various products with bigger volume.

  • Plastic / glass / metal bottles are all applicable for larger production.


  • Sanitary design: Liquid contact parts are made of SUS316 stainless steel and filling nozzles can be cleaned & dismantled easily.

  • Control system: MITSUBISHI (Japanese brand) PLC. Enter filling volume and speed via 7” color touch screen (HMI).

  • Multistep filling method can prevent liquid spraying. 

  • Filling system is controlled by servomotor and it can be adjusted via touch screen for lift distance.

  • SICK (German brand) sensor for high precision with stable quality. 

  • SIKO (German brand) indicator with hand-wheel can change or record assembly position easily.

  • Servomotor controls volumetric electronic filling cylinder for high filling precision.

  • 50 sets of memory storage are perfect for various products. 

  • Most changeover or adjustments are fast and simple without using any tools.

  • Two filling start-up modes: food switch or touch screen. (If production volume is smaller, two or three filling nozzles of filling machine is available.)


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