Semi-automatic Overflow Filling Machine


This filling machine is most suitable for flowable waterlike liquids, such as beverage (tea, juice…), milk, edible oil. Bottle mouth is covered while filling, so no worry for leaking. Designed for products which need equal liquid-level in bottles, especially suitable for glass bottles. Liquid contact parts are made of SUS#316 stainless steel and filling assembly can be cleaned and dismantled easily to meet sanitary requirements. No professional engineers are required due to a simple operation interface with 7” color touch screen (HMI).

Field of Application

  • Suitable for many kinds of flowable and non-corrosive waterlike liquids, no matter low or high temperature of liquids.

  • Wide filling range:  Reaching bigger filling volume is available by extending filling time.

  • Plastic / glass bottles are both applicable for larger production demands.

  • Food, cosmetics, biotech, pharmaceutical industries are all applicable. 


  • Overflow filling: Filling nozzles go down to cover bottle mouth, then liquid is filled to the required liquid-level. Extra liquid which is over liquid-level will be sucked back to liquid tank, and afterwards filling nozzles go up automatically 

  • For low-foaming liquids, higher filling speed is applicable without spraying out of bottles. 

  • Liquid contact parts made of #316 stainless steel, main structure is made of #304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy meet high sanitary demands for food and pharmaceutical industries 

  • Control system: Mitsubishi (Japanese brand) PLC with 7” color touch screen (HMI) for controlling filling speed easily.

  • Filling system: Controlled by servomotors which are adjusted by the touch screen (HMI) for lift distance of filling nozzles.

  • 1 set of 100 Liter liquid tank is included with the filling machine. Main liquid contact parts of the tank is made of SUS#316.

  • Filling nozzles can be dismantled & cleaned completely to meet sanitary production regulations.

  • Bottle clamp is adjustable with laser-engraving scale, so it’s convenient to record and change bottle filling position.

  • SICK (German brand) sensors are for high precision with high sensitive quality. 

  • SIKO (German brand) position indicators with the hand-wheel can change or record assembly position easily.

  • 50 sets of memory storage:  Perfect for various products for production changeover without repeated settings. 

  • Two filling start-up modes: by a foot switch or a photoelectric sensor. 

  • User-friendly design: Most changeover or adjustments are fast and simple without using tools.

  • (If production volume is smaller, less filling nozzles of filling machine is available or customized.)


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