Automatic Barcode Optical Inspection System
(Auto Rejection for defective products)



This barcode inspection system meets GS1 standard and regulations of pharmaceutical industries for barcode, date and batch number inspection of outer package for medical products. Inspection software and camera are from famous leading Japanese brand “Micro Technica” which has top one market share of pharmaceutical industries in Japan. Automatic rejection device rejects defective products to ensure max yield rate.

Field of Application

  • For inspection of barcode, date, batch no, etc. Most suitable for pharmaceutical, biotech and cosmetics industries. 

  • Check barcode and text content on product package, carton and label to ensure all information are correct. 

  • Applicable for many types of 1D & 2D barcode, such as Code128, QR Code, GS1 DataBar, GS1 DataMatrix, PDF417, etc. 

  • Applicable for a packaging production line or separate operation. 


  • Optical Inspection system and software are from famous Japanese brand which has nearly 80% market share of the pharmaceutical industry in Japan. 

  • Main control system: Japan Mitsubishi PLC and 10.4” color touch screen (HMI). Most data can be set from the screen conveniently.

  • Optical inspection control system: Check label images and enter setting information easily from 15” color touch screen (Japanese brand). 

  • High-precision camera provides excellent checking image quality for accurate inspection performance. Second camera is an optional item for checking barcodes of both product package and carton at the same time. 

  • Cross-comparison between printed texts, barcode, database texts to ensure all contents are correct. 

  • Fail-Safe mode of rejection device: Default condition is “Fail”, products are passed by rejection device only when they are inspected to be “Safe”. This mode ensures barcode and texts on products are not defective. 

  • Defective products are rejected into a collection bin which is made of #304 stainless steel.

  • Accepted products are conveyed onto a big collection platform where an extra storage cabinet is underneath.

  • Images of defective products are recorded automatically into the system.

  • Safety cover of rejection device of defective products is included.

  • Barcode reader is for reading the information of production processes. A hanger for the reader is included.

  • Rejection device for stack boxes: The rejection device is in the beginning side of box feeding to prevent 2 boxes from being stacked to enter inspection area together on the conveyor. This is to ensure only one box can be inspected at one time.

  • Adjust conveyor guide rail width within seconds simply by our patented Interlocking Conveyor Guide Rail (model: GR-030). 

  • Main structure is made of #304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy to meet high sanitary demands for pharmaceutical industries. 

  • SICK (German brand) sensor for high precision and easy adjustments.

  • Less maintenance with durable life, the best choice of optical inspection system for various product package.


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