Automatic Pouch Feeding Machine (Vacuum feeding type)



This feeder is suitable for flat and thin products (zipper pouch, aluminum or plastic bag, facial mask pouch, etc.). Especially designed for the products which are not suitable for the standard type of friction feeder. Controlled by PLC system with a big color touch screen (HMI). Compatible with other packaging machines and optical inspection equipment, such as labeling machines and printers (inkjet or heat transfer printing).

Field of Application

  • Apply to sheet-shape pouch products: zipper bag, plastic pouch, aluminum pouch, facial mask bag, etc. 

  • For some pouch materials or sizes which cannot be applied to a standard type of Friction Feeder (model: AI-450) 

  • Applicable for a packaging production line or separate operation. 


  • Vacuum feeding: The best solution for some products which are unable to be fed by the standard friction feeding method. 

  • Vacuum feeding device: Products can be fed onto the conveyor stably and accurately by high-quality suction cups combined with air cylinders. 

  • Control system: Mitsubishi PLC (Japanese brand) and 7” color touch screen (HMI) provide convenient operation. 

  • Counting function: Digitalized control system offers more useful functions, such as recording daily production volume, setting regular intermittent feeding and stacking products by required quantities. 

  • Main structure is made of #304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy to meet high sanitary demands for food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. 

  • Adjust and record the feeding position conveniently by a hand-wheel device combined with a position indicator. 

  • Unique vacuum feeding method and special design of feeding tray which are made and developed in Taiwan with top quality.

  • 50 sets of memory storage are perfect for various products without repeated setting. 

  • Able to connect other packing machines, such as top labeling machine, various printing machines (inkjet and heat transfer printing) and optical inspection system/equipment for better production performance and efficiency.

  • Less maintenance with durable life, the best choice of pouch feeding machine.


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