Automatic Friction Feeder (with PLC System)

AI-250S/ AI-450S

AI-250S / AI-450S
AI-250S / AI-450S
AI-250S / AI-450S

This friction feeder is suitable for flat and thin products (paper, pouch, bag, brochure, card, etc.) in various industries. Especially applicable for batch counting and stacking purpose. Controlled by PLC system with HMI. Interval feeding and counting with certain quantities is available via color touch screen (HMI). Compatible with packaging machines, labeling machines and printers (inkjet or heat transfer printing).

Field of Application

  • Wide range of applicable size for various thin products. 

  • Compatible with various packing machines or printers.

  • Applicable for batch counting and stacking onto a conveying system.


  • Flat products can be separated and fed at high speed with this friction feeder.

  • This patented friction feeder is made in Taiwan. All production procedures, from R&D to assembly, are proceeded by T&G.  

  • User-friendly 4.3” color touch screen (HMI) makes machine operation so easy and convenient.

  • Production counter can help batch counting or stacking correctly and effectively.

  • Stepper motor provides very stable feeding performance even at high speed.

  • Most changeover or adjustments becomes easy with tool-free design.


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